Date Spot Review: Angelini Osteria

  • September 7, 2018
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When choosing a date spot in LA, you can go for the new and trendy, which LA seems to have a rotating door of, or you can go to a place that you know is going to be good from a tried and true track record. Angelina Osteria falls into the latter category, having been a Los Angeles Italian staple for years, and with good merit.

When you walk into Angelini Osteria, you feel a warmth. It feels like you are walking into a familial scene: the lighting is calm, the music is faint, the staff is smiling, and the decor is understated and traditional.

The people that work there are all friendly and do not have the airs of a spot trying to position itself as too cool for school. In Los Angeles, there is a restaurant scene that tries to make its patrons feel lucky to be there; Angelini Osteria creates an environment that let you know they are lucky to have you there. If you need substitutions they are happy to try (within reason… Angelenos can get a little carried away) and management is very present with an all hands on deck attitude.

The food at Angelini Osteria is well done across the entire menu. Some personal favorites are the Polipo with warm cherry tomatoes and arugula (Antipasti), the Main Lobster Salad with pomegranate (Antipasti), the Lasagna Verde which is an Angelini must (Paste), the Veal Shank Agnolotti (Paste), and the Whole Mediterranean Branzino which comes in a salt shell with a great table side presentation (Secondi).

No meal is complete without dessert (unless you can’t wait to end, we hope that’s not the case!). All the desserts at Angelini Osteria are fantastic but if I had to choose, my two favorites would be the Cassata Italiana (semifreddo, carmelized hazelnuts, and pistachio) and the Apple Tart Milanese. The Cassata is refreshing while also being dimensionally satisfying, and the Apple Tart has quality pastry which can be hard to come by.

The dining mood, the people caring for you, and the cuisine culminate to make an environment perfect for appreciating the person you are with and gaining a wonderful joint experience.

Please let us know what you think if you choose to try!



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