Date Spot Review: Tesse

  • October 24, 2018
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Tesse is one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles right now. It has a fun, trendy, but not snobby atmosphere, it has wonderful creative food, and their wine selection and service make for an interesting dining experience with fun vino gab.

When you come into Tesse you feel the lively fun energy of the Sunset area of town. There are very chic stylish people but it doesn’t feel stuffy. You can dress up or down and feel comfortable. The servers are very knowledgable and friendly. They know the food well and will explain to you the questions you are bound to have with a very French, yet very untraditional menu. It is a fun vibe to enjoy with a fun date.

The food is scrumptious. The menu is pretty extensive and is meant to share. Everything that I have tried I have loved. The Caviar Toast is a wonderful start to your meal ($18), as is the Hamachi Crudo with sudachi, gooseberry and crispy wild rice. The Hamachi Crudo ($18) is very different from the the many Hamachi Crudos in LA (thank you low carb culture) and the best I have had anywhere. Don’t miss it. Their Bucatini with Bone Marrow ($21) is a decadent dish mixing in duck procuitto. Every bite you will savor. All of their desserts are also worth your time, but the Duck Egg Creme Brûlée was a standout. I never thought I would ever be excited by Creme Brûlée again, but this completely changed my mind. It was a fresh version on a very overplayed classic that I would order again and again.

Caviar Toast
Hamachi Crudo
Bucatini with Bone Marrow

The wine servings are smaller than served at most restaurants, but it’s designed that way so that you can try more. The servers and their sommelier are very good with recommendations and you can tell a lot of love and attention was put into formulating their wine menu. Their knowledge and the well crafted wine list adds another dimension to your meal that is engaging and illuminating.

Definitely give Tesse a date night try and let us know what you think!



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