About Us

Our history

Gentlemen Only is the brainchild of founder Amanda Milder. Amanda conceived the idea after noticing a pattern amongst her male gay friends who expressed a desire for a stable, long-term relationship, but too often succumbed to the ease that apps like Grindr and Tinder would provide for quick, meaningless hookups.

With the genuine ambition to help her friends – and other men like them – find loving, meaningful relationships, the concept for Gentlemen Only was born. Joining her efforts is Darrell Walker, who brings the matchmaking experience and skills that make Gentlemen Only the best service to help you find your partner.

Our mission

Gentlemen Only is a highly personalized, curated matchmaking service designed to find gay gentlemen their perfect match for a meaningful, long-term relationship. We have a highly verified pool of eligible, available gay men to expertly match with our paying members.

We seek to connect individuals in a way that results in loving, enduring relationships so we can help men move past the careless, hollow nature of dating apps.

Meet the team

With our team’s passion for matchmaking, teamwork, and an always evolving and growing understanding of relationships and how they are successful, we know that Gentlemen Only will find you the love you seek.


Amanda Milder

Amanda was born and raised in Southern California and loves LA passionately. Because of this, she has a thorough understanding of the city and its challenges, especially in terms of the dating scene and the difficulty of finding love. She founded Gentlemen Only to help gay men through the Los Angeles dating seas, find and connect those hoping for romantic, long-lasting relationships.


Before establishing Gentlemen Only, Amanda worked in start up companies and a law office. Her experience in both armed her with effective sales knowledge, a strong understanding of accountability, and the importance of customer service and delivering on your business’ promises, which she brings to her new venture

Darrell Walker

Darrell was born and raised just outside of Washington, D.C. in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. He left to study in Salisbury, where he earned a degree in Psychology from Salisbury University. Starting at a very young age, he had a knack for bringing people together and is described by those close to him as a social butterfly who can easily engage people in different social circles.


Darrell Walker is very passionate about forging relationships between people that could last a lifetime; in fact, he is responsible for several long lasting relationships going as far back as high school. It was back then that he first felt he had a gift for matchmaking and can’t wait to put it to work for the benefit of all of Gentlemen Only members.

Pricing Information

General Pricing Info

Gentlemen Only works on a yearly membership schedule. Memberships are custom-made for each client and will include an array of services, depending on the client’s needs.

Services Include

  • Access to our database of eligible, single men
  • A top-notch vetting system of potential dates on your behalf
  • Date Planning
  • Date Coaching
  • Image Consulting
  • Pre- and Post-Date Feedback

To discuss how we can best meet your needs, please reach out via our Contact page or at info@gentonly.com and 310-923-1965


I don’t live in LA, can Gentlemen Only still help me?

While we are based out of the LA area, Gentlemen Only is committed to helping clients wherever we have the resources to do so. Whether you would like to be a member or simply would like to be added to our database of potential dates for clients, we would love to hear from you no matter where you live.

Does Gentlemen Only have an app that allows me to see matches?

Gentlemen Only is a personalized matchmaking service that takes our clients off the internet and into human hands. We do not have an app that shows you matches; Instead, we find you a deeper, better match that goes beyond the surface. We do what apps can’t!

How many matches do I get as a client?

The number of dates that we set our clients up on is based on the package that best fits their needs. All memberships last at least a year, and we are thorough and conscientious about finding your best possible match. Fear not, if your first date doesn’t go well, we’II find you a better match and try again.

Can I get date coaching?

Gentlemen Only provides date coaching as a permanent, ongoing effort to improve potential in certain membership packages. However, no matter what we will provide pre-date prep and post-date feedback for all of our clients.

How will Gentlemen Only know the type of men I’m into?

Once you join our service as a client, you will go through a comprehensive interview process that will inform us about your dating history, needs, desires, aesthetic preferences, and what type of relationship you seek.